Headmistress’s Message


Albert Einstein said “ Education is not learning of facts , but the training of the mind to think”. We at MMJSV Narnaul , aim to create an atmosphere to reverence for education and a healthy environment where academics ,sports and other co-curricular activities will mould our students and spur them on to be brightest and the best.

Innocence , joy ,fervor , vitality and unlimited creative urge ‘devoid ‘ of all worry are in main characteristics of childhood which should be properly channelized . It has been endeavor at MMJSV Nasibpur, Narnaul to cater to an activity oriented curriculum in which every student is able to blossom into a complete and well balanced individual , both physically and mentally . Our students are exposed to a variety of activities , stage presentations , competitions etc. thus fulfilling the idea of learning through seeing and doing . This not only helps them to gain confidence but also to acquire qualities of discipline , sense of belongingness , responsibility and oneness , giving each child full scope to develop existing talents and learn a host of new ones . Our dip sites are happy and busy we intend to promote in every child , positive self- esteem , encourage independence , develop skills of concentration and more importantly inculcate moral values through our daily interaction. On this occasion of silver Jubilee year I am confident to say that the students of MMJSV will learn from the best , will become the best and will contribute their best in the truest tradition of MMJSV.

I am confident that this Jubilee souvenir would help our students to tap the infinite potential of young learners through concerted efforts and I congratulate the Management ,editorial team and all those persons who has contributed for this 25th milestone of MMJSV . The school Our constant endeavor has been to stimulate young minds and aid overall personal development of children.

Personally I would like to thank the Almighty Father for His choicest Blessings which He has showered u p on me through this great institution of education . I thank the Arch Diocese of Delhi ,Fr. Maria Michael , Fr. Anton Maria , all my well equipped and skilled teachers , students and all the supporting staff for their cooperation and timely support . With all this MMJSV will set to storm the bastion in the coming years.

I would like to end my thoughts with “ Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”

Headmistress, MMJSV

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