Director's Message

I’m glad to learn that on the brink of completing 25 years Mata Mariam Jan Seva Vidyalaya is in the process of bringing out the Annual Magazine, their Jubilee souvenir for the year 2018-19.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” a quote by an Anonymous writer very rightly justifies the school’s 25 year long journey covering every milestone to attain greater heights of achievements and success. The theme chosen this year is Magnificat an appropriate one to exhibit laurels achieved with the grace of the Almighty. In today’s time it is important to worship God and worship is when you give you best to God. You have every right to be remunerated when you work because "the worker deserves his wages" (Luke 10:7). In the same way, you have a right to expect results when you diligently and intelligently use the talent He's given you. Just like Mother Mary who magnified the lord through a prayerful hymn in the same way the school under Mother Mary’s mercy and guidance have become productive and useful in channelizing young talents, to achieve success. With such a glorious long innings the school has been enriched with academic, cultural and sports excellence and thus continues to make magnificent souls under Her grace.

I extend my best wishes to Rev. Fr. Maria Michael, the Management, Staff and students of Mata Maraim Jan Seva Vidyalaya. God bless you all.

Director for Education
Delhi Catholic Archdiocesan Schools